Penis Ad for 2015 Chicago American Advertising Awards


The Chicago Advertising Federation is one of America’s oldest and largest ad organizations.

On its Board of Directors, 12 men and 16 women.

Apparently all of them think this ad is funny.

I don’t.

An ad guy I know told me, “Susan, if you want to play with the big boys lighten up a little and laugh.”

He says this ad is an award winner.

I say it’s a boner.

What do you think?


65 thoughts on “Penis Ad for 2015 Chicago American Advertising Awards

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  2. I frequently experience or am made aware of situations that literally make me ashamed of my gender. That’s not a good feeling. This ad gives me that feeling. Not good.

  3. Wow. Back to penis jokes #chicagoamericanadvertisingawards proudly pushing the industry back to the 80s. #idiots

  4. Susan, Sorry…I just saw this now as I’m not on LinkedIn very often. I personally think the ad is funny because I basically am a 13-year old boy when it comes to humor. Do I think it’s appropriate?
    No. It is excluding women and I hate that. If this ad is meant to target just men—fine but obviously us women are in advertising too. What about us? Do we measure up? What if it was an ad that showed boobs? That would never fly. Thanks for sharing this.

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