Penis Ad for 2015 Chicago American Advertising Awards


The Chicago Advertising Federation is one of America’s oldest and largest ad organizations.

On its Board of Directors, 12 men and 16 women.

Apparently all of them think this ad is funny.

I don’t.

An ad guy I know told me, “Susan, if you want to play with the big boys lighten up a little and laugh.”

He says this ad is an award winner.

I say it’s a boner.

What do you think?


First item on my bucket list: Visit AL. Ringling Mansion Museum


Al Ringling’s mansion is being faithfully restored to its former beauty by a retired circus performer.

Okay, so I just started my bucket list. And there’s only one thing on it. But I still want to share it. So here goes.

All my friends know I looove Al Ringling, the first and best Ringling Bros.

Water for Elephants Baraboo Benefit Gala Premiere, May 20, 2011, Al. Ringling Theatre

Baraboo Premiere Poster

My infatuation began the evening of May 20, 2011, during the Water for Elephants Benefit Gala Premiere at the Al. Ringling Theatre in Baraboo (a.k.a. Circus City), WI.

Recently I learned Al Ringling’s 1906 mansion was sold and the new owner is lovingly restoring it.

W O O H O O !!!

I’m planning to visit Thursday, June 25. (That’s the Centennial Celebration of Al. Ringling Day.) Maybe I’ll see you there!

My latest ad

#LessonsAndCarols Invitation

An ad for St. John Cantius Church in Chicago

(Right now, sayin’ a prayer we get the client’s approval.)

My first draft copy: Each year more and more Chicagoans discover this century-old celebration of the birth of Jesus. Will 2014 be your year? Join us on Saturday, December 13 at 7 pm for our tenth annual program of meditation, scripture, and music. To order tickets, call 1-800-838-3006 or order online.